How to create and sell courses online

Skyrocket  your earnings by creating and selling courses Online! Generate a passive source of income by learning the skill of creating and selling online courses. 
How to create and sell courses online
Sachin Upadhyay

What you will learn

Why create online courses:
What are the basic fundamentals involved in creating an Online course and how it serves as an effective source of income.
Pick an online course topic:
Your course topic can be a game changer. Get the complete idea of topic ideation and implementation, which can help to scale up your online business.
Validating the online course:
Credibility of the content is utmost important. Find out the best ways to validate your course content.
Create your course content:
Content is the king. Learn to create relevant and apt content for your learners.
Host the online course:
Learn about the best ways to host your content. Proper hosting is intrinsic for making your content available to your viewers.
Price your online course:
Learn about several parameters which help you decide the price for your online courses
Create a course sales Page:
Sales page is the place where your audience lands at the first instance. It is the source which converts your audience into customers. Know about the various components which need to be included in the sales page.
Design and upload:
Make your content attractive as well as informative, so that your learners can end up having a great informative tour without boredom.
Your online course should ultimately focus on your student’s success. Learn to create the courses which can provide the best to your students.

What You Can do after this course

Don’t deprive the world of your expertise, and start building the content now!
Choose your niche, and create the best out of it.
Earn with your expertise.
Identify your genre and start creating the content now!
Get a huge traction for your Online course
Get the best ideas to embark your journey as a mentor.

Who Can Join This Course?

How to create and sell courses online
How to create and sell courses online
How to create and sell courses online
How to create and sell courses online
How to create and sell courses online
How to create and sell courses online

Anyone with Subject Skills and Dedication can register in this course and can Learn how they can monetize it to earn money.

About Instructor

How to create and sell courses online
Meet Sachin Upadhyay
Sachin Upadhyay(Sachin Sir physics) is a Youtuber with 800K+ subscribers, TEDx speaker, Master Teacher(Vedantu), Educator(UnacademyPlus+), Entrepreneur, Founder& COO (Conker World).

Some FAQs

How is an online course profitable?
Creating an online course is booming nationally as well as internationally. The eLearning market is expected to exceed $325 Billion by 2025, with an yearly growth of 5%( Global Market Insights).
What is the role of Google Adwords and SEO in making and selling online courses?
Google Adwords and SEO are the two main SEM( Search Engine Marketing) tools and aim to generate results for your business in terms of traffic and conversions.
What is the concept of social networks?
Social networks help in sales and enable integration for the dissemination of the course.