Basic Kathak Mastery Bootcamp

Kathak is one of the main genres of ancient Indian classical dance and is traditionally regarded to have originated from the traveling bards of North India referred to as Kathakars or storytellers.
Basic Kathak Mastery Bootcamp
Chinmaya Tripathi

What you will learn

All about Kathak.
Beginning with the fundamentals.
Concerning Career Opportunities
The Benefits of Indian Classical Dance

What You Can do after this course

Stage Performer
Dance Tutor
Overcome Stage fear and Project Confidence
Can Easily learn & perform any dance form

Who Can Join This Course?

Basic Kathak Mastery Bootcamp
The course is open to all age groups irrespective of their gender.
Basic Kathak Mastery Bootcamp
The course is open to all age groups irrespective of their gender.

Anyone with Subject Skills and Dedication can register in this course and can Learn how they can monetize it to earn money.

About Instructor

Basic Kathak Mastery Bootcamp
Meet Chinmaya Tripathi
Chinmaya Tripathi is a trained and international Kathak artist with over 5 years of experience, having performed over 100+ stage shows in 30+ diverse dance genres and instructing 100+ students both online and offline.

Some FAQs

How long will it take to get access to the course and how can I access it?
On the checkout page, you have to fill out an email and password for login. After successful payment, you will receive an email containing a log-in link. You just have to log in with your email and password you have provided during checkout.
Where will the videos be hosted?
The videos will be hosted on external servers and these videos are protected with moderate security and you can watch videos at 1080p easily.
Can I do other dance forms after I learn Kathak?
Yes, you can easily perform other dance forms after learning Kathak, as this dance form makes you learn each and every thing about dance and makes your body flexible.
I’m a complete beginner. Will I be able to learn online?
This course is specially designed for beginners. We start with the absolute basics so you get a strong foundation.
What Gharana do you teach?
We are neutral to all Gharanas (styles of Kathak) at the basic level. The course provides basic technical training that is applicable to all gharanas.